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What's in your Question Toolbox?

In this creative six-part video course for educators, award-winning educator Tiffany Poirier shares ideas, tools, strategies, and a roadmap for how to foster deeper questioning skills in students, K-12. You'll hear stories and research and have a chance to share your comments in the course discussion forum. Come join the fun!


Welcome, educators! In this section we explore why we are here and what we will learn.

I. What's a question?

We explore what a question is, and why the questioning process is so vitally important to learning, innovation, and more.

II. Our Stories as Questioners

We reflect on our own stories as questioners and challenge the myth that deep inquiry is only for the "gifted few".

III. Time & Space for Questioning

We know the practice of deep questioning can be magical, but how do we create the time and space for inquiry?

IV. The Question Toolbox

Opening up her "Question Toolbox", Tiffany models how to use fun tools to help students learn the many types of questions and questioning strategies. 

V. The Big Question Roadmap

Using The Big Question Roadmap, we learn how to clarify a big question to drive us closer to discovering our gifts,  achieving our goals, and making a greater contribution to the world.



Tiffany is a national award-winning educator, author, and parent who believes in the power of questions and the infinite gifts of every child. She is a District Vice Principal in the Greater Victoria School District. See her TEDx talk on The Power to Question or her book, Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy. Visit her online at InquiryNinja.com


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